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5 Tips on How to Choose an ID Badge Lanyard

How to Choose a Lanyard

Lanyards are available in many different styles, and it can be difficult to know which type of lanyard is right for you and your organization. Here are five helpful tips to consider when purchasing lanyards:

1. Safety
Lanyards come in either breakaway or non-breakaway styles. Breakaway lanyards are safer to wear than their non-breakaway counterparts because if the lanyard is grabbed by someone or caught on something, the break-away opens so the person wearing the lanyard won't be injured. K-12 schools often choose break-away lanyards.

2. Style
Lanyards are available in many different styles. Round braid and flat braid lanyards are the most common. Eco-friendly lanyards are available in either bamboo or recycled plastic. OptiBraid and OptiWeave lanyards let you detach your ID card from your lanyard while you're still wearing it. The standard length of a lanyard is 36 inches, and they come in widths from 3/8" to 1".

3. Custom lanyards
Many organizations and schools have their lanyards customized with their logo, mission statement, school name or team name. Custom lanyards are also available in just about every color and print font.

4. How your card attaches to your lanyard
There are a lot of different styles of attachments. The most popular attachment is the lanyard hook. Other attachments include bulldog clips, swivel hooks, and cell phone hooks.

5. Need help deciding?
To help decide which lanyard is the best for your organization, please call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 to discuss the best one for your organization.

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