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Video: How to Choose an ID Card Printer

With so many options available in ID card printing, how do you choose the best ID card printer for you? This video includes five simple questions to ask yourself to help determine the features you'll want to look for.

Video Transcription

There many options when it comes to choosing an ID card printer. Answering five simple questions will get you on your way to choosing the right printer for you. If you have a lot of information to print on your cards, you may want to choose a dual-sided printer. Single-sided card printers are also available. The type of card you’ll be using helps determine which printing technology is best for you. If you’ll be printing on a prox card or a smart card, you should look at a retransfer printer. Retransfer printers use special technology to print on a variety of card types. If you will be printing to a basic plastic card, either a direct-to-card printer or a retransfer printer will be a good option for you. If you’ll be storing data on a magnetic stripe or accessing your building with a proximity card, look for a printer that has encoding capabilities. If you will swipe your cards in a mag stripe reader, wear your cards outside, or want your cards to last longer, consider a laminating card printer. To operate your printer on a network, look for one that offers Ethernet connectivity. To learn more about the options available in ID card printers, visit or talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.
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