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How to Protect Your ID Card Printer Investment

How to Protect Your ID Card Printer Investment

Have you ever had any of the following issues with your ID card printer or card printing system?

  • ID cards not feeding into the machine
  • Card printer ribbons breaking
  • Lines through your ID cards
  • Diminished picture quality

If you've experienced any one of the above issues, it was likely a frustrating experience for you. The good news is that they can usually be avoided with two very inexpensive items: a dust cover and printer cleaning kit.

Why purchase a dust cover and cleaning kit?
Adding these to your printer order is a no-brainer! Both a dust cover and a printer cleaning kit are the keys to protecting the life of your printer. Best of all, they're also the least expensive items that go along with your printer or printer system purchase. Dust is a printer's #1 enemy...and the enemy of anything electronic, for that matter.

A dust cover and cleaning kit can prevent small problems, like a particle of dust causing a blown printhead pixel. Yes, one piece of dust can, and has, damaged many a printhead for those who have chosen not to invest in two items that together cost less than $75.  (FYI: New printheads start at about $475 - $600 and are not covered under most manufacturer's warranties if damaged because of lack of proper care, such as regular cleanings.)

How and when do I use these items?
When the printer is not in use, simply place the dust cover over the printer and remove it when the printer needs to be used. Run a cleaning kit through the printer each time you change your ribbon or when the printer has been unused for more than a month or so.

Two very simple-to-use, inexpensive items that will save you time and money in the future by protecting your ID card printer from the unnecessary evil that is dust!

To learn more about protecting the investment you've made with your ID card printer, call a friendly ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help!

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