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How to Use an ID Badge Slot Punch

When it comes to ID badging and ID-related safety, most people don’t think much beyond the physical identification and security components. Safety – which should go hand-in-hand with security – needs to be at the forefront of your mind as well. What's an easy way to ensure your organization's safety? A slot punch. Slot punches offer a simple, cost-effective way to create an attachment point on your ID cards for use with badge accessories, such as a lanyard or badge clip. Before you use the slot punch, take note of these important steps: 1. Create your ID badge design, reserving the top portion (about 0.5") of the horizontal or vertical design for the slot. 2. Print a single test card and punch a slot into the card. 3. If you are satisfied with the card design and position of the slot, print your batch of cards. 4. After the cards are printed, punch a slot in the cards. (Note: To prevent costly printhead damage, do not punch a card before sending the card through the printer.) 5. Attach your punched ID cards to your badge accessories, and you're set to go!
There are a number of styles and prices of slot punches available. Your choice primarily depends on the volume of cards you need to slot punch. To get started, browse our selection of card slot punches or call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We're always happy to help!
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