How to Start a Visitor ID Card Program

How to Start a Visitor ID Card Program

The technology available to us today is quite amazing when compared to visitor management systems of the past, which typically consisted of a log book and a generic paper visitor badge with a handwritten name on it.

With all of the advances in technology, it is only natural that new challenges like a heightened sense of security would arise, coupled with the need for a fast, secure visitor tracking program.

ID Wholesaler specializes in the latest visitor management products, systems, and innovations to protect and secure your business. We can create a custom visitor management solution for your facility (or facilities), based on your specific requirements.

Questions to help determine your organization's exact needs and requirements:

  1. Do you have a single visitor check-in spot or will you have multiple facilities or areas to check visitors in?
  2. Would you like to issue a paper badge or plastic badge for your visitors?
  3. Would you like your badges to have a self-expiration feature that visibly changes colors when a badge expires and helps avoid unauthorized use?
  4. Would you like to add a barcode for quick and simple visitor check-in/check-out?

The flexibility of today’s visitor management systems allows you to quickly enforce a wide range of rules regarding visitor traffic with minimal investment on your part. You can also add a training session with our experienced in-house Tech Support Team to save you even more time!

Contact a friendly ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 for help determining the very best visitor management solution for your organization.

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