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How Do I Add a Barcode to My ID Badges?

Example of a Barcode

In the ID industry, barcodes represent an easy, convenient, and very affordable way of semi-covertly printing information onto an ID card. This information can be a serial number or an account number. In addition, barcodes can easily be combined with other card technologies, such as a magnetic stripe or a proximity card.

Any ID card printer can print a barcode, and there’s no special equipment needed. You simply need some type of software to generate the barcode and a barcode reader. Most entry-level and mid-level ID card software programs support a variety of standard 1D barcode types, including UPC, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, or Code 39.

The primary advantage of using a barcode in a name badge is the ability to quickly retrieve information from a card like the identity of the user. Used in tandem with a barcode reader, barcode usage streamlines processes and increases efficiencies by:

  • eliminating input errors
  • dramatically increasing accuracy
  • significantly accelerating the authentication and check-in process

Generally speaking, 2D barcodes are more commonplace in mid-level to fully-featured ID card software. Examples of 2D barcodes include Quick Response (QR) codes, PDF417, or MaxiCode.

Most ID card software programs allow for adding barcodes to ID cards. The most user-friendly program for adding the barcode feature is the software application CardExchange. It offers 2D barcodes in its Professional and Ultimate versions.

HID’s Asure ID Express will allow for sequential numbering of barcodes and even automatic population based on the entry of another field, which dramatically increases the speed of your card production process.

The type of barcode you choose will depend on your application and the amount of data you’ll need in the barcode. No matter what industry you are in, adding a barcode is an easy way to add security to your ID card application.

For greater, more comprehensive security, many organizations implement “barcode mask” ID cards. These cards provide an area with a “black mask” or “veil” to prevent unauthorized copying of the code.

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