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Membership Card Benefits for Religious Organizations

Now more than ever, religious organizations are taking advantage of the ID card printing technology. By printing membership cards and/or photo ID cards for the clergy and congregation participants, religious institutions are adding not only a means for identification but also for increased safety Church & Religious Organization Membership Cardand security.

At ID Wholesaler, we’ve helped a wide variety of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious organizations with creating and managing memberships cards. With membership cards, religious members recognize that they are part of a community.

These cards are also a way of showing that you support your local organization and that you a proud to be a part of it. It can also reinforce the responsibilities and values that come with being a member.

What a Religious Membership Card Looks Like The cards are kept in the members’ wallet and usually include the parishioner’s name and sometimes their photo on the front of the card. A photo of their respective house of worship or a logo is often featured in the background of the card. The back of the card typically includes the organization’s phone number, address, an inspirational verse, or religious service times.

Uses for Church or Religious Membership Cards If you’re wondering how ID cards are used for organizations with religious affiliations, here are a few of the most common applications:

Attendance tracking and management Membership cards help keep track of attendance by having an assigned member number or barcode on either the front or back of the card. We typically recommend one of our visitor management software packages with a photo ID system and a barcode scanner device.

Infant & Pre-school Care Programs By logging toddlers and pre-school kids with ID cards, parents and caregivers can more effectively monitor children and keep them safe while on facility grounds. Cards can also serve as a means to verify the identity of the people that pick the children up after church services.

Student & Teen Events For organizations that have related activities for students – such as field trips or retreats – membership cards provide an intelligent and efficient way to protect their younger parishioners.

Participate Coupon & Discount Programs Religious groups can also partner with local businesses to offer special discounts or savings for various products, services, and other goods. If you feel a little overwhelmed at this point, you don't need to! You can always rely on the experience and expertise of our seasoned ID Professionals.

We can help you with just about any ID-related question you have and ensure you choose the right ID card printer solution that makes the most sense for your church or religious group. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 to get things started!

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