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ID Badging for Law Enforcement

When it comes to ID badging in general, security is on the top of the list of needs for the ID cards for law enforcement and Law Enforcement ID Badgegovernment employees. We work with many sheriff’s departments, jails, and prisons, and as you could imagine, they’re looking for a way to make it impossible to duplicate their ID badges. Easier said than done, right? With ID Wholesaler, that’s not necessarily true. We offer many options to make your ID badge or Conceal & Carry cards more secure. Here are a few different options for you to consider: Holographic Lamination Laminating ID cards is a popular option when it comes to law enforcement. Not only does it make your ID badge much more durable, but it gives you the option to make your card more secure. Most ID printer manufacturers provide an option for a “standard holographic laminate,” meaning that they have a generic logo embedded within the lamination film. There are a variety of different holographic laminates such as the High Secure Orbit design. Holographic lamination provided by the printer manufacturer is an effective way to make your ID cards and/or certification cards last longer, and it also adds an extra layer of visual security.Holographic Laminate for Law Enforcement ID Badges Many organizations have an interest in customizing the holograph on their ID card. Unfortunately, this is not always realistic. Custom lamination may be ideal from a security standpoint, but it is far more expensive than the pre-designed holographic film created by the manufacturer. With that being said, even the lower price ID printers with lamination might not be in the budget for all customers. But don’t worry…there are definitely other options! Tactile Impression If custom lamination isn’t within your budget but you still want to add a customized level of security to your ID card, tactile impression by Datacard is a great option. Not only do you get the durability with lamination being added to cards; you can add another level of security by using a generic impression created by Datacard.ID Cards for Law Enforcement In addition, you can have your own custom design created at the fraction of the cost of custom lamination. The Datacard CD810 with Tactile Impression is an optimal choice for all law enforcement organizations. As mentioned above, you have the ability to customize your ID cards at a much lower cost, and it has one of the best warranties in the industry. The Datacard CD810 comes standard with a three-year of warranty along with three years of loaner coverage. That means that if you have to send your printer in for repair, we will overnight you a printer while you wait for yours to be repaired. Learn more about Datacard’s tactile impression technology. Custom Holokote/HoloFlex If lamination is not needed or simply not in the budget, custom HoloKote/HoloFlex can be used for securing your credentials. You won’t have the ability to laminate your cards, so they will not be as durable as the options listed above. However, custom HoloKote/HoloFlex is more affordable and makes it impossible for anyone to replicate your ID badge or certification cards. If you’re wondering what HoloKote is, it’s a holograph-like watermark that goes over the top of the card’s surface. Like tactile impression, it can be customized and is much less expensive than purchasing custom lamination and can be found in a number of Magicard ID printers. The most popular is the Magicard 600, and this one comes with a voucher for a free custom HoloKote or HoloFlex imprint (a $650 value). There is a slight difference between HoloKote and HoloFlex: HoloKote will embed your custom design in a tile pattern over the surface of your card and HoloFlex is a single image over your card. When it comes to providing ID badges for law enforcement, protecting your staff, creating library cards, Conceal & Carry permits, and other types of ID cards, there are options for making your ID cards more secure, no matter your budget. If making your card more durable is important, we recommend getting a printer that can also laminate (Fargo HDP5600XE or Entrust Datacard Sigma SL3). If the longevity of your ID card isn’t as important or you’re on a limited budget, you can still find ways to make your ID card more secure with the Magicard 600! For more information on ID cards for law enforcement or if you're a law enforcement agency looking to increase the security level of your ID cards, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We can help you find the printer with the security option that suits your ID card issuance program.
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