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ID Cards for Team Sports & Recreation Organizations

ID Cards for Team Sports

Today, a wide variety of sports and recreation groups use photo ID cards or membership cards (or a combination of both) for
team members, coaches, and supporting staff. Many of the sports team members – including coaches and referees – carry their cards not only for identification but also for access to more secure areas within stadiums or arenas. If your organization is looking for affordable ways to create ID cards for team sports, you're in the right place!

Photo ID and membership cards for sports and recreation athletic teams have distinct benefits. Along with a higher level of security, a membership card gives the team members a sense of belonging and pride of being a part of the team.

We work with a number of soccer clubs and Pop Warner youth football groups along with professional sports and athletic clubs across the country. Sports organizations often incorporate their team colors, mascots, and other team branding elements directly within the design of their photo ID cards. A number of teams feature the player’s schedule on the back of the card. Others will use the back of the card to print and feature advertising by their sponsors.

In addition to membership cards, a number of sports teams use membership cards exclusively with their fans as season passes. Rather than purchase individual tickets for each game, a season pass allows fans to attend teams game without the hassle of buying advance tickets. In purchasing tickets for an entire season, you can potentially offer fans exclusive discounts, promotional offers, or special VIP privileges.

Our role at ID Wholesaler is to create the best solution for membership card production for your organization and get you back to your team quickly.  Once the membership card printer system is in place, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can accomplish this task of printing the team ID or membership cards for your coaches and team members.

Here are my top picks for photo ID printers for sports and athletic membership teams:

Magicard 300 card printer

  • Built-in security with a free custom watermark voucher ($650 value!)
  • Standard Ethernet connectivity
  • Full 3-year warranty coverage that includes back-up
  • Compact and lightweight yet powerful card creation capabilities

IDP Smart-51 Card Printer

  • Prints up to 212 full-color cards an hour
  • Password protection for heightened security
  • Easily upgradable to encoding, lamination, and more

Whatever your team’s needs are, you can be assured that our team of knowledgeable ID Professionals will find the ID card printing solution that’s right for your team sports or athletic team! Call us today at (800) 321-4405.

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