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ID Cards for Theme Parks & Amusement Parks

Printed ID cards for theme parks or amusement parks will help establish these three basic – and critical – objectives for your organization:ID Cards for Theme Parks & Amusement Parks
  • Create a more dependable revenue stream
  • Increase membership loyalty
  • Maximize marketing dollars and manage employees effectually

Income you can rely on In today’s most successful theme parks, membership cards and season passes have now become part of standard operating procedures. That’s why as a business owner, you need the ability and agility to issue cards quickly and on-the-spot for new park members. You also need a plan for getting the best ROI out of your cards. With a card program in place, you can more effectively forecast what your annual membership and revenue numbers will be. This type of predictable revenue allows for more automated fiscal budgeting for your organization. The typical solution is most often pre-printed ID cards. However, the addition of ID card printers gives business owners the control to print in monochrome and personalize specific data like a member’s name, member number, member level, etc. Many theme parks will print what the membership includes on the back of cards. You also have the option of using differently colored card schemes to identify levels of membership.
Expand customer loyalty and retention The benefits of a membership card program or season pass strategy are many. To help get started, think about your most frequent, loyal guests and what would be most meaningful to them. With loyalty programs at your amusement park or theme park, you can:
  • Increase customer loyalty by giving cardholders a sense of belonging to an exclusive group or club
  • Grow revenue during slower times of the year
  • Increase sales from existing customers (or returning visitors) is easier and less costly than finding new ones
  • Make accessing your park streamlined and more convenient (e.g., the sooner they are in the park, the sooner they will spend money)
  • Allow for special privileges like skipping lines, riding multiple times, or other member perks
  • Promote additional spending by implementing smart cards or cashless vending
With careful thought and planning, incorporating a multi-level membership program will incentivize customers to spend more. The more benefits and privileges each level of a tiered membership includes, the more you’re able to charge for the cost of that membership. You can also consider launching a loyalty or discount program that rewards customers who spend money within your park on food and beverages, gifts, or special events. With loyalty programs, it’s more about what a customer can save on in-the-moment spending. Why not join forces with the vendors at the park to expand the benefit offerings?
Make the most of your marketing By understanding your cardholders and their buying habits when they use their membership card within your park, you can successfully market to them. And the more you know about your guests, the more effectively you can engage with them on a marketing level. Build offers or special discounts that speak directly to cardholders or groups of cardholders. Then listen to your customers! Their feedback gives you invaluable information about how they felt about their guest experience – your membership program, park attractions, accommodations, food and beverages, and more. You can also repurpose this same information to determine where your park can make a wide variety of improvements to improve their overall experience.
At ID Wholesaler, we realize this is all a lot of information to take in one sitting! That's why we have dependable, knowledgeable ID Professionals who can help you get your ID card program off to a productive start. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 to find out how we can partner with you to get the most out of your membership cards!
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