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Idenge™ Digital Membership & Loyalty Cards

Digital Membership Cards from Idenge™Engage customers with digital loyalty & membership cards

Does your organization offer a customer loyalty or membership program? If it does, your customers or members can now use their card from the convenience of their smartphone!

Idenge – our digital membership card solution – offers your customers a digital card that’s securely stored in the mobile wallet on their iOS or Android device.

Designed exclusively for ID Wholesaler, Idenge digital membership cards provide your customers with a simple and convenient way to store membership or loyalty card data on a smartphone.

This forward-thinking solution offers quick and easy implementation; there’s no sophisticated integration that can take weeks or months to launch. You can also integrate Idenge with third-party software that features a basic API feed or use it with an internal database.

With Idenge, your membership and loyalty cardholders get all the perks:

Idenge Mobile Membership & Loyalty Cards Create custom mobile badges with easy-design templates
icon Add a Mobile Wallet ID using email, WhatsApp or a QR code
icon Use push updates to change or modify any mobile card information remotely, anytime
icon Fully compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes
icon Automatic operating system recognition for iOS and Android
icon Change your mobile ID design by season or on specific dates

Digital Membership Cards

Give your customers a digital membership card experience
By storing membership or loyalty information on a phone’s mobile wallet, the design on these digital cards can be dynamically updated without having to re-issue a brand new card.

Manage customer membership and loyalty cards
With Idenge, your customer’s digital card is securely stored in the mobile wallet of an iOS or Android device. Idenge users can:

  • Send notifications to individual users
  • Create personalized mobile badges
  • Change the card design and info remotely, anytime

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small organization; Idenge Mobile Membership & Loyalty Cards offer the scalability and convenience both employers and employees are looking for. Plus, with mobile wallet already a native app on most cell phones, you don’t have to deal with registering and downloading another app to take up space  up your phone. Idenge automatically detects your mobile phone’s operating system.

The data on an Idenge digital card can easily be added to a user’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet via email, WhatsApp or a QR code. Users can then choose the level of notifications they receive.

Enjoy extended barcode support
If you have other programs within your company that use barcode technology such as time and attendance tracking or a rewards program, Idenge is an efficient way to optimize mobile ID badge tracking and reporting.

FREE 90-day trial
Get details on the digital membership or loyalty card benefits with a one-on-one conversation with on of our ID Professionals for a free 90-day no-obligation trial! If Idenge isn’t the right solution for you, simply do nothing. After 90 days, your trial simply ends.

For more information or to get started using Idenge digital membership cards, please call one of our friendly Customer Success Managers at (800) 996-3581, x7816 today!

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