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Introducing mBadge Mobile Identification Solutions

Digital ID Badges for Employees, Visitors & Contractors

If your organization is searching for an inexpensive mobile option to supplement your ID badge program or you'd like to replace your physical ID card program with a mobile ID card, mBadge™ is the solution.

This easy-to-use mobile employee ID badge program was engineered to provide a digital copy of an employee's secure ID badge which you're able to store in your cell phone wallet without requiring any app download! As long as you have your phone with you, your mobile employee ID badge will be on your person at all times.

Best of all, by storing credentials on your phone's mobile wallet, the data on digital ID badges can be dynamically updated without having to re-issue a brand new ID card.

Whether you're a large company or a small business, mBadge Mobile Identification Solutions provides the convenience and flexibility that both employers and employees are looking for:

  • Enterprise-level business - This is an affordable option for employees who want the convenience of having a standard ID badge as well as a digital smart phone ID badge.
  • Small business - Because there aren't any cards to print or apps to download, mBadge mobile wallet ID is an ideal option for small businesses. Not only does it save money on card printing supplies, it's convenient and simple to start using right away. With the click of a button, mBadge automatically appears in your mobile wallet.

Since mobile wallet is already a native app on most cell phones, you don't need to worry about registering and downloading another app to clutter up your phone. mBadge allows for automatic detection of your phone's operating system.

An mBadge digital credential can be added to a user's Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet via email, WhatsApp or a QR code. Users can then choose the level of notifications they receive.

Stay on technology's cutting edge
With mBadge, it's easy to store basic employee ID data and images. In addition, you can also keep your staff up-to-date by using mBadge's push messages to modify your mobile card information remotely for iOS devices, 24/7.

Take advantage of the real estate on the back of your mobile ID badge and feature company-related information like:

  • company updates and events
  • reminders and notifications
  • 401k details
  • Google Maps links
  • company WiFi codes
  • and more!

Enjoy additional barcode support
If you have other programs within your company that use barcode technology such as time and attendance tracking or a rewards program, mBadge is a great way to optimize mobile ID badge tracking and reporting. It's compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes as well as QR codes.

Create personalized mobile ID badges
Want your new smart phone ID badge to reflect your company's branding? No problem! mBadge offers a variety of contemporary templates for you to customize with your organization's colors, logo or tagline. In addition, you can change your mobile ID design by season or on specific dates.

FREE 90-day trial
Think your organization is ready to enjoy the convenience of using a mobile ID badge instead of a plastic name badge? You can try mBadge mobile ID badges for a full 90 days, absolutely free. If you decide to continue using this innovative digital ID solution, we'll help you move to a paid tier. If you don't like it, do nothing and after 90 days, your trial simply ends.

For more information or to get started with mBadge, please call one of our friendly Customer Success Managers at (800) 996-3581, x7816 today!

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