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Easy Upgrades You Can Make to Your Magicard ID Card Printer

Magicard ID Card PrintersWhen investing in a new piece of equipment for your office, it's smart to consider your needs for today and your potential needs for tomorrow. While there are many models of ID card printers that can be upgraded as your needs change, Magicard offers one of the most innovative - and easy - ways to upgrade: a kit that you simply drop in the printer!

Magicard Printer Upgrades

Upgrade from single- to dual-sided printing

While you may only need to print on one side of the card now, you might want to take advantage of the real estate on the back of the card in the future. The Magicard Enduro, Enduro Limited Edition, Rio Pro, and Rio Pro Limited Edition easily upgrade to duplex printing with a special duplex upgrade kit! The kit is really just a special roll of YMCKOK film recognized by the printer to instantly enable two-sided card printing. This industry-first upgrade technology requires no additional hardware or tools; just drop in the kit and your printer will do the rest! Customers who have upgraded their Magicard printers report that the upgrade process was quick and easy. Futurepilot from Guyana confirmed this in a review of the duplex printing upgrade kit: "Easy to use and does exactly what [I] wanted."

Upgrade to single- or dual-sided lamination (Magicard Prima 4)

Improve your card's durability and security with in-line lamination. Magicard's retransfer printer, the Prima 4, can be upgraded with a single-sided lamination module or a dual-sided lamination module - any time!  The lamination module offers front loading for ease-of-use and convenience. Temperature and speed settings can be easily adjusted via the LCD display panel to optimize results for varying card types.

Add Ethernet connectivity (Magicard Enduro+)

Designed for the Enduro+ and Enduro+ Duo printers only, the Ethernet upgrade kit needs to be simply dropped in the printer. Similar to the duplex upgrade kit, it automatically creates a fast connection between your printer and your network, giving you the freedom and flexibility to print and encode cards over a network. All Magicard printer upgrades and parts come with easy-to-follow instructions so that you can upgrade your printer on your own without needing to send it to ID Wholesaler or Magicard. If you are ready to upgrade, shop Magicard upgrades now or call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. If assistance is needed after your purchase, our Technical Support Team is standing by to answer your installation questions at (800) 321-4405, x5.
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