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How to Use Your ID Card Printer to Make Membership Cards

Example of a Membership ID Card

Many of the articles you'll find on our site are directed specifically for employee ID card printing. Not only can you use the ID card printers for employee ID badges but you can also use them to make membership cards!

Member ID cards can be produced conveniently and cost-effectively on-site and on-demand using a photo ID card printer. New members can have their photo taken and receive their ID card in a matter of minutes.

Once you issue the cards as a way to identify your members, you can also use them to track attendance and usage of your facilities or services. With Jolly ID Flow Software, you can print a barcode on the cards or use a magnetic stripe or proximity chip so that members can simply scan their card upon entry and/or exit to gain access. In turn, the software will maintain a log of activity. You can even set up an unattended self-registration kiosk to allow members to register/check-in on their own!

Need to know peak visiting hours or how many people are in your club at any given time? Simply view member activity in detailed logs, reports, and charts with the integrated Report Center.

For all of your membership ID card-related questions and application needs, call a trusted ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405!

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