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How to Make Government ID Cards More Secure

More Secure Cards, More Affordably

Over the past five years, I’ve witnessed the ID card printer industry steadily engineering more progressive printers, with Example of a Government ID Cardenhanced and complex security features. It’s a simple fact that basic identification cards are easy to counterfeit; card counterfeiting happens on a daily basis. It’s important to add a security feature to your ID cards that is not easily reproduced or duplicated. If a criminal successfully replicates and uses your ID card, it could cost your government agency not only a lot of money but – most importantly – it could negatively impact the safety of the community you’re protecting.

Five years ago, implementing a proprietary feature with an ID card issuance program was fairly pricey, with an average expense of upwards to $20,000. Now, you can implement a security feature to your ID card system for a fraction of that cost. In this blog, I’ll explain how realistically and affordably you can add a security feature to your government-issued ID cards using the Datacard CD810 ID card printer.

The Datacard CD810 printer series is the preferred ID badge machine for hundreds of state and local governments across the country. Datacard has a proprietary patent-pending tactile impression feature that is now available with the CD810 series. It prevents the fraud that’s most frequently encountered with national IDs, driver’s licenses, secure IDs and special law enforcement certification IDs.

The CD810 printer efficiently manufactures superior-quality cards and has the ability to add a tactile impression security feature. The tactile impression uses a unique die to create an impression on the card’s surface, taking your organization’s security coverage to new ranks of personalization. It’s important to note that Datacard CD810 ID Card Printerthis type of personalization is disparate to any ID card printer model available in the marketplace today.

The tactile impression is tailored to your government agency and is impossible to duplicate. In addition, you can customize your tactile impression to feature your agency’s logo, badge seal, certificate seal, or state seal. The design can be anything – from an image to just text, or a combination of both image and text. The heavy-duty impression die is constructed with a patch laminate which adds another level of durability to your cards. To further protect your cards and deter fraudsters from attempting to replicate them, we have a collection of generic and custom laminates that you can add to your cards, along with the tactile impression option. For more information on how ID Wholesaler can help your government agency produce more secure and durable ID cards for less with the Datacard CD810 card printer, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We’re here to help!

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