Video: Top Five Benefits of Retransfer Printers

As you shop for an ID card printer, you’ll see that there are two types of printing technology available: direct-to-card and retransfer. This video provides an overview of the top five benefits of printing cards with a retransfer ID card printer to help you decide if it’s the right printing technology for you.

Video Transcription

ID card printers can be classified by two technologies: direct-to-card and retransfer. Direct-to-card printers print your card image directly to the card surface. Retransfer printers print your card image to retransfer film that gets fused to the surface of a card. Because images are printed to film rather than cards, retransfer printers offer a number of benefits.

The printhead of a direct-to-card printer can be easily damaged, leading to expensive repair bills. Retransfer printers offer a lifetime printhead warranty.

When retransfer film is applied to the surface of a card, the printed image is ‘sandwiched’ between the card and the film, protecting the image from wear and making your cards more durable.

Retransfer printers can print to a variety of card types, including proximity cards, smart cards , key tag cards and more.

“Rich” and “vibrant” describe a retransfer printer’s print quality. You’ll also have more control over print color.

While a direct-to-card printer leaves a small, unprinted border around a smart chip and the edge of your card, a retransfer printer can print over the entire card surface.

Although the initial cost may be slightly higher than a direct-to-card printer, retransfer printers offer a number of benefits that make them a great investment!

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