Video: Tour of an ID Card Printer

While an ID card printer may be an unknown piece of technology to you now, you’ll be happy to learn that ID card printers are very easy to use. This video provides a tour of an ID card printer so that you will have a better understanding of how an ID card printer works – in turn, making you an informed ID card printer shopper!

Video Transcription

To help you understand how ID cards are made, let’s take a tour of an ID card printer!

All card printers have a display panel that communicates the printer status, such as when a new ribbon or more cards are needed.

Every card printer has two card hoppers – on this printer, one is located on each side. This is the input hopper. It holds blank cards ready to be printed. This is the output hopper. It collects your printed cards.

Inside the printer, you’ll find the ribbon. Most ribbons are very easy to load. This ribbon simply slides into place and it’s ready to go!

Every card printer includes the features I’ve covered so far. Now let’s take a look at a few optional features.

Not all printers can print on both sides of a card. If you’d like to print on both sides, you’ll need a dual-sided printer.

Laminating printers add a protective layer of laminate to your cards so they last longer.

Some card printers offer encoding options that allow you to write data to your cards.

All card printers include a USB connection for connecting to a single computer. Some printers offer an Ethernet connection for printing over a network.

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