Video: Why Would I Need to Laminate Plastic Cards?

Those new to ID card printing may wonder why a plastic card would need to be laminated. There are many benefits to plastic card lamination, including increased card durability and longevity. This video illustrates the benefits of lamination to help you decide if it’s a feature you’ll need in your ID card printer.

Video Transcription

You might wonder why you would need to laminate a plastic card. Lamination is a clear layer of film that is applied to the top of a printed card for protection. Cards that will be swiped in a magnetic stripe reader or worn outside will last longer if they’re laminated.

Take a look at this card. This card is not laminated. Over time, it will become scratched and worn.

Now take a look at this laminated card. Under the same conditions, the laminated card is not damaged.

Now take a look at these cards. After 15 days in direct sunlight, the non-laminated card has faded dramatically, while the laminated card remains unaffected.

As you can see lamination protects plastic cards so they last longer, saving you time and money.

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