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How to Optimize Your ID Card Employee Photos

An extremely important aspect of creating a quality credential is a photo of the ID holder that can be used for easy Types of Photo ID Camerasrecognition. This provides security for your organization, and a clear, crisp photo looks very professional. In the past, the challenge of accomplishing this was two-fold: it was difficult to produce a high-quality image with a standard digital camera, and all the photos had to be manually transferred to the ID badging software. This has proven to be an arduous process with lackluster image quality. Until now. Enter the TWAIN driver.

TWAIN is a programming interface that manages the communication between ID software and a digital imaging device, such as a digital camera. In layman’s terms, a camera with a TWAIN driver will allow you to take photographs that will automatically upload into your ID badging software for easy card printing. This has proven to be a huge time-saver for all different types of organizations. TWAIN applications commonly come with features that will improve the quality of your images as well:

  • Face-finding technology (eliminates the need to crop photos)
  • 5-10 megapixels for superior image resolution and quality
  • A zoom feature that focuses on the image’s subject
  • A camera flash to provide optimal lighting
  • An “auto adjust” pan and tilt feature

All of these features are geared around creating high-quality ID badges at the click of a mouse, saving you time and headaches in the process. We do understand that some organizations need more of these features than others and that cost can be a limiting factor. At ID Wholesaler, it’s our goal to provide plenty of different options so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Below are examples of cameras that have varying levels of features, but are all TWAIN-compliant devices:

Entry-level Photo ID Cameras
Credential Cam
: Economical, easy to use camera with 2MP true HD resolution. Includes Autosmart face tracking, compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. This camera is a perfect fit for a small organization that occasionally prints ID Cards.

Mid-level Photo ID Cameras
Credential Cam Pro-Plus:
Advanced digital camera with high-resolution 5MB image quality. Includes video streaming/frames, LED synchronized flash, data transfer, autofocus, push-to-zoom control, and many other features – making this an extremely good choice for a medium to large organization that prints badges regularly.

Fully-featured Photo ID Cameras
VALCam 8500-630 Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera
This is the highest quality camera we carry. It features full control of pan, tilt, zoom, iris & color temperature via mouse or keyboard. The VALCam photo ID camera will auto adjust in any lighting or environment and provides a live preview of your image that is already auto-cropped. For a medium to large organization, this camera will produce high-resolution images and it is your best choice for the highest picture quality available.

As your partner in ID badging, ID Wholesaler wants to provide all the best options for your organization. We are 100% confident that we have a photo ID camera option which will meet your needs and your budget. We’ll do our very best to save you time and resources when creating your credentials. Contact an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 or check out ID Wholesaler’s selection of cameras online today!

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