ID Cards

Why ID Cards are Critical for Emergency Responders

During a time of crisis, quick and efficient identity verification and the ability to control access to the affected areas are bothEmergency Responders critical aspects of emergency management. Being able to easily distinguish emergency personnel and first responders from victims or bystanders can make all the difference. Several of our customers are using their ID card printer system to issue their ID cards to their first response staff. It allows the emergency service providers from various agencies throughout a city or town to recognize each other so that they can begin coordinating resources. In addition, it provides assistance and helps initiate damage control instantly while on the scene.

These emergency response ID cards come equipped with two barcodes and a magnetic strip to store information for quicker verification of law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and other non-government response workers. With the ID cards, emergency response workers can also keep better track of each other during the emergency. This application of a photo ID system is a great example of how ID card systems can be used to create a multi-purpose employee or member photo ID cards that can also improve your organization's emergency preparedness. For help finding a solution that's best for your organization, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 today.  We’ll look at the available options and come up with a solution that’s right for your needs.

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