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What Do I Need to Make My ID Card Printer Portable?

If you are using your ID card printer off-site for ID badging projects, demonstrations, or trade shows, you need a portable ID card printer - as well as the equipment and supplies to ensure that (a) your equipment is secure and (b) you have all required supplies on hand. While almost all ID card printers can be transported from one location to another, compact ID card printers, such as the Fargo DTC4250e and Magicard Rio Pro, are easier to transport. Here are a few tips and tools for safely transporting your ID card printer.

3 Ways to Make an ID Card Printer Portable

Portable ID Card Printer Case

1. Use A Hard- or Soft-Sided Travel Case

The best solution for traveling with your ID card printing system is to pack it in a secure transport case. This will protect the card printer from elements that could cause damage to the printer, especially in instances when you don’t have full control over the safety of the printer. If you’re flying to your destination, chances are you will need to check the card printer with the airline. Hard-backed cases will keep the printer safe. Many hard cases have easy-roll wheels and a pop-up handles for easy transportation. Inside the cases you will find foam molds based on the dimensions of a specific card printer to keep it from being jostled around during transport. Not only will a case keep the printer safe from damage, many also have the ability to attach a padlock for added security. Built to perform in the most severe conditions, transport cases are airtight, watertight, dust proof, corrosion proof, dent proof, and padlock ready. The transport cases also meet all UPS shipping requirements. If you’re moving the printer short distances in controlled environments, you might consider a soft-sided traveling case. Keep in mind, they don’t offer as much protection for the printer as the hard-backed cases.

2. Install Your ID Software on a Laptop

We would recommend using a laptop computer if you are going to be moving printing stations frequently. With this, you will have your card printing software installed and ready to use when you get to your location. Another thing to consider is if the laptop will need to share the database information from another computer or user station. If that is the case, you'll need software that has options for additional seat licenses, such as Asure ID Enterprise.

3. Pack Back-Up Supplies

When you travel with the card printer, don’t forget your supplies! When printing cards off-site, you won't have access to your office supply closet if you run out of supplies. Most transport cases have additional cavities that allow for storage for ribbons, cards, cables, and/or a digital camera. If you will be taking photos for the ID badges, consider the photo backdrop system which also has an option for a handy carrying case for easy transporting. For more information on portable ID card printing options, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2.
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