ID Cards

Are Pre-printed Cards Right for Your Printing Situation?

I am often asked about pre-printed cards and whether it makes sense for a customer’s situation.

First, will ordering pre-printed cards help reduce your cost? The answer, most of the time, is yes. If you are printing more than 5,000 ID badges or customer cards a year, pre-printed cards will reduce the amount of time you spend printing cards.

Second, will pre-printed cards improve the quality of your card? Again the answer is yes, most of the time. Unless you are already printing with a reverse image transfer printer, pre-printed cards are going to give you the full bleed, professional look you want your cards to have.

And finally, can you customize pre-printed cards? Absolutely! By leaving enough space for text or even a picture, you can give your employee or customer a customized end product that they will think you created yourself.

To recap, pre-printed cards can save you time and money while providing a quality, custom end product. Ask an ID Wholesaler Rep today if pre-printed cards are right for you by calling (800)321-4405.

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