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How to Promote Your Brand & Increase ID Badge Security

If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand’s awareness within the marketplace, we recommend Datacard’s tactile Example of a Card Featuring Tactile Impression Sealimpression technology. The Datacard CD810 ID card printer offers many advantages to your credential program, but the most unparalleled feature is the tactile impression capabilities. The tactile impression made by the CD810 ID card printer offers overt security to your badges and can easily be verified, tamper-evident on the card laminate and substrate. An exclusive breakthrough and industry first within the ID card industry, tactile impression can help your organization enhance brand visibility easily and affordably. The impressor dies are available in several standard designs, including:
  • digital thumbprint
  • security
  • medical
  • bank
  • education
  • globe
For optimal branding, you can also order a custom-made die that features your branding elements like your logo or tagline, making it completely specific to your credential program. With a custom tactile impression die, you’ll greatly increase the tamper resistance of your cards, making them more secure and virtually impossible to for counterfeiters to duplicate. You can think of the effect that the impressor die makes as a notarization on the front of your cards. This unique card printing differentiator combines a mechanical tactile impressor die and an ID card printer with lamination to create a seal on an ID badge’s surface during the printing process. Datacard’s patent-pending tactile impression option for this level of badge security is unmatched. For additional security enhancing options, you can also apply an overlay to cards which will tear during an attempt to remove the impression. [caption id="attachment_31745" align="alignright" width="283"]Example of a Tactile Impressor Die Close-up example of a Tactile Impressor Die (Security)[/caption] Tactile impression is one of the most affordable ways to add custom security to your badging process. Some of the current industries taking advantage of this technology are:
  • Government
    • Correction facilities
    • Department of Defense
    • Special Security Forces
    • National and local police
    • County sheriff
    • Federal License Bureau
    • Airports
    • Refineries
  • Student & staff IDs
  • Corporate badging
If you're looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution to enhance security for your ID card printing program, the Datacard CD810’s tactile impression is an excellent choice. For more information, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. Helping our customers is the best part of what we do!
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