ID Card Printer Videos

Become a more informed shopper and learn how to make ID cards by watching the ID card printer video series below!
This series provides an introduction to card printing, as well as more advanced printing capabilities, such as retransfer printing and lamination.
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What is an ID Card Printer?

New to ID card printing? Learn how ID card printers are similar to the familiar inkjet printer you use every day.

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Tour of an ID Card Printer

Get introduced to the common features of ID card printers to give you a better understanding of how they work – in turn, making you an informed ID card printer shopper! 

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How to Choose an ID Card Printer

Learn the five questions to ask before shopping for an ID card printer to help narrow the best options for you.

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Why Would I Need to Laminate My Plastic Cards?

See the benefits of laminating plastic cards to help you decide if lamination is a feature you’ll need in your ID card printer.

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Top Five Benefits of a Retransfer Printer

Not sure what retransfer printing is or if it’s right for your needs? Learn the top benefits of retransfer card printing to help you decide if it’s the right technology for you.


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