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Supplies List for Your Retransfer Printer

Retransfer printers require slightly different supplies than direct-to-card printers. Here's a list of the supplies you'll need to Retransfer ID Card Printerkeep your retransfer printing program running efficiently and smoothly: Transfer Film Transfer film is required for printing cards with retransfer printers. These printers print your card image to the underside of this film and then apply it to the surface of the card, "sandwiching" the image between the film and the card. This film creates vivid, high quality images, plus adds a layer of protection to your cards. Color Ribbon As you look at your ribbon options, know that you can avoid any ribbons with an "O” panel (a YMCKO ribbon, for example). The "O” is an overlay panel that provides a thin layer of protection to your cards. Your retransfer printer uses a transfer film, eliminating the need for this panel. Composite PVC-PET Cards Composite cards are a combination of 60% PVC and 40% PET, a durable material with greater flex and impact strength. Composite cards can handle the higher temperatures that retransfer printing produces without distortion. They also provide a longer card life than standard 100% PVC cards and are less susceptible to cracking or tearing from bending and handling. Cleaning Kit Cleaning your printer is one of the easiest ways to maintain optimal printing. Cards carry dust and other tiny debris with them through the printer's print path that can potentially degrade your image quality and damage your printhead or other parts of your card printer. With routine cleanings, you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your card printer. How to Find Your Retransfer Printer Supplies There are three easy ways to find the supplies for your specific printer model. (1) Navigate to your printer's brand and then printer model on and find the supplies you need. (2) Go to your printer model’s product description page on ID Wholesaler and view the "Related Products” tab. (3) Call (800) 321-4405 to talk with a friendly ID Professional who can complete your order for you!
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