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How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature Pad

ID Wholesaler carries a variety of electronic signature pads that can be used to add an electronic signature to the front or back of your ID card when using compatible card design software.Signature Capture Pads

Signature pads are also used for the capture of electronic signatures in digital documents (like auto repair work orders, medical and dental records, or any type of business that wants to electronically save a signed document and keep it in a file or database).

We have helped equip many tax and accounting companies with the right signature pad model for their specific needs. Choosing the right signature pad for your needs can be as simple as knowing which questions to ask before you buy.

If you’re looking for the best signature pad for your particular application, here are a few great questions to think about when selecting the right model for your needs:

Do you need to see your signature (on the pad) while signing?
Yes:  An LCD display or backlit-LCD model is advised.
No:  A non-LCD model is the least expensive and will be sufficient.

Do you only need to capture a signature on the pad?
Yes:  A 1″ x 5″ sized model is advised.
No:  Any model with a display panel of 1″ x 5″ or larger is recommended.

Do you need to push text and/or graphics to the signature pad for display?
Yes:  A larger sized LCD model is advised (4″ x 3″ mono or color, 4″ x 5″ or 5″ x 7″ color).
No:  A standard size LCD model is recommended.

Will you have low signing volume (under 25 signatures per day, per signature pad)?
Yes:  A SigLite signature capture pad model will suffice.
No:  If you will have higher signing volumes, a SigGem model is recommended.

Will the signature pads receive excessive use or be exposed to rough treatment?
Yes:  A SigGem model is advised.
No:  A SigLite model is recommended.

What’s the Difference Between SigLite and SigGem Signature Pads?

Two of the most popular signature pad lines we sell are SigGem and SigLite. Both are Topaz electronic signature pads that are engineered for varying levels of use. In addition, they can be used out-of-the-box with SigPlus Signing Software which is bundled at no additional cost and includes plugins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe.

SigGem signature pads

  • offer a patented active pen to sign using electromagnetic technology (EMT)
  • designed primarily for medium- to high-signing volumes that include more than 25 signatures per day, per signature pad and are built to withstand rough treatment
  • feature LCD displays are protected with tempered glass for reliable, long-lasting use and come with a three-year warranty

SigLite signature pads

  • are usually most optimal for low-signing volumes (less than 25 signatures per day-per pad) where rough treatment is not an issue
  • feature LCD displays that are protected with hardened plastic and employ resistive touchpad technology to sign
  • include a two-year warranty
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