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Photo ID Cards for Ski & Snowboard Facilities

Benefits of Staff and Passholder ID Cards for your Ski & Snowboard FacilitySki Resorts

High quality season passes and staff ID cards can be produced on-site and on-demand using a photo ID card printer. Pass holders and staff can have their photos taken and receive their printed custom photo ID card within minutes. Cards can easily be customized with the card holder’s name and other pertinent information using photo ID software.

  • Secure your bottom line: photo IDs reduce sharing of season passes
  • Promote your brand and enhance guest loyalty: your attractive, well-designed card becomes a statement when worn by your season pass holders
  • Expand the use of your card beyond staff IDs and season passes

 Tips for Successful Use of Ski Resort Staff and Season Pass Photo ID Cards

  • Professionally designed cards will convey the right message about your ski and snowboard property and build your brand. Plus both your staff and season pass holders will be proud to display a world-class ski photo ID card both on and off your mountain.
  • Differentiating types of ski passes or differentiating ski staff by department, function or position is a breeze by using unique ski ID card designs.
  • Crank up the durability of your ski photo ID cards and season pass cards by using a card printer that has lamination capability. Lamination is a thin film that is applied over the card to protect the image from fading and wear.
  • For high-end passes or secure ski staff ID cards, include a holographic overlaminate for aesthetics, increased security against fraudulent card production and visual verification. Your premium season ski passes instantly become a status symbol, and secure employee ID cards will help protect your assets and your bottom line.
  • Use HoloMark cards for a cost-effective way to protect your season pass cards from fraudulent duplication.
  • For card strength against the cold and abuse, use cards with a circular slot punch rather than an oblong slot punch.

In order to create season passes photo ID cards in-house, you’ll need an ID card printer. Check out these tips on how to choose an ID card printer.

Reduce Sharing of Season Passes

Photo ID cards simplify the verification of season pass holders and can virtually eliminate sharing of season passes. In addition to a photo of the pass holder, there are countless techniques for adding both visual verification and security to your season passes. To easily distinguish between types of passes, incorporate a color-coding system into your card design. For example, use a blue background for a Weekday Pass and a purple background for a Value Pass. Additionally, design your premium passes with an entirely different look to differentiate them and create a higher perceived value.

More advanced visual identification and anti-fraud techniques include holographic foils or full card holographic overlaminates. Holographic foils can be hand applied or, for even greater security, embedded below the card’s surface. Likewise, holographic overlaminates can feature standard, off-the-shelf designs, or a custom hologram (such as your logo) can be created for the ultimate in protection from fraudulent card production.

The examples below illustrate the use of color-coding, holograms and card design differences for easy season pass verification.

Color-Coding to Easily Distinguish Cardholder Types

Use color-coding to easily, visually distinguish your various cardholder types. Use one color identifier for premium pass holders, another color for standard pass holders, and another for staff members to provide at-a-glance distinction.

Differing Card Designs to Visually Distinguish Card Types

Varying your card design based on season pass type or cardholder type is an easy way to visually identify cardholder status. This visual differentiation can instantly become a status symbol with your pass holders.

Holograms to Protect and Add Distinction to Your Ski ID Cards

Holograms protect your valuable and other secure cards from fraudulent duplication. Your choices include seals that are hand-applied to your cards after printing, cards embedded with stock or custom holograms, and stock or custom holographic overlays (overlaminates).

Promote Your Brand and Enhance Guest Loyalty

When competing for consumer loyalty, it is vital that you extend your brand and name awareness — high-quality printed plastic cards can help you.

A well-designed printed plastic season pass card can become a status symbol not only on your mountain and in your own lodging and entertainment areas, they’ll also be seen around town, in airports, and in cities and towns across the country. Your passes will represent and promote your ski resort long after a guest’s visit.

To ensure that your brand and your image are represented appropriately, create professionally designed card layouts and print your cards on a high-quality printer. For the ultimate in image quality, select a printer that uses reverse transfer technology, and protect the image from wear, scratches and fading by using a clear or holographic overlaminate on your cards.

Rather than using a plain ID card template, most photo ID software allows you to import your own card designs and define the placement of your images and text. Not only does good design ensure your cards live up to the reputation you’ve built, cardholders will also be proud to wear and display them — both on and off your property.

To learn more about card design, read these ID card design tips or shop ID software now!

Track Employees and Guests

Photo ID cards can not only be used for season pass holder and staff verification, they can also be used for applications such as access control, staff time and attendance tracking, and pass holder use tracking.

Using a magnetic stripe or smart card allows you to encode and read information stored on the card. This technology can be used to track employee time and attendance or access control to authorized areas of your facility. Additionally, you’re able to track valuable information for marketing to your season pass holders by requiring that cards are swiped, scanned, or read at specific locations or for specific activities.

Track user or demographic information like frequency of use and locations visited such as your lodging, dining or entertainment areas. Use this information to market to the pass holder’s interests to expand brand loyalty.

Use magnetic stripes, barcodes or smart cards to expand the use of your cards. Magnetic stripes can store information, such as employee data, and can be swiped for tracking time and attendance. Barcodes are another method of tracking — scan the barcode at specific locations to track usage and cardholder patterns. Then use that information to market to your cardholders, or make operational changes based on usage.

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