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When Should You Slot Punch Your ID Cards?

Slot Punch for ID Cards

Slot punch for ID cards

If you’re considering slot punching your photo ID cards before you begin printing them, DON'T!

Pre-punching ID cards makes the surface of the cards uneven and can damage your printer’s sensitive printhead. If you slot punch an ID card and then feed it through your ID card printer, you may leave a small sliver of plastic behind.

That small sliver of plastic could result in a whole lot of damage. It could potentially puncture a hole in one of the heat elements on the printhead.

Damaged printheads mean disappointing results. If your printhead becomes damaged by foreign matter (like the sliver of plastic), it could produce distorted and poor quality images on your cards. It's also very costly to replace a damaged printhead.

Slot punching your photo ID cards after they have been printed will ensure high-quality results. In addition, you'll be extending the longevity of your ID card printer.

If you need a slot punch, ID Wholesaler offers a variety of slot punching options to accommodate your unique needs.

If you need to fasten your photo ID card to a lanyard or badge reel, but you need an alternative to slot punching your ID card, consider using badge grippers or clamp clips to secure your ID cards. Badge holders can also be used to secure your ID cards while providing the cards with an extra layer of protection.

The more commonly used badge holders are clear and flexible and can be affixed to a badge reel or lanyard. Badge holder options also vary from holders that attach to a pocket and are held in place magnetically, to armbands, to permanent locking proximity badge holders.

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