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Standard ID Card Sizes


Learn about the main differences between the three most common plastic ID card sizes.Plastic ID Cards

1. CR79 - Dimensions: 2.051” x 3.303"

These cards usually have an adhesive back. They are most often used for printing and attaching to a clamshell proximity card. They can also be used for printing labels and tags. If you want to print on CR79-sized cards, make sure your ID card printer is capable of printing them. They are slightly smaller than the CR80 standard ID card size and are usually 10-mil thick.

2. CR80 - Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.375"

In ID card printing, CR80 is considered the standard ID card size (the same size as a credit card). Nearly every ID card printer accepts this card size, making it the ideal choice for all card printers. CR80-sized cards are also available in the more durable composite cards PVC-PET cards (made of 60% PVC and 40% PET plastic), magnetic stripe cards, earth-friendly biodegradable cards, and rewritable cards with a thermal printing.

3. CR100 - Dimensions: 2.63” x 3.88"

The CR100 format is 42% larger than CR80 cards, so it’s easy to see them from a distance. Often referred to as “military-sized” or “oversized” cards, CR100 cards are the optimal size for venues where card information is clearly visible like trade shows, conventions, or events. It’s important to note that the card’s unique size limits its printing capabilities, so always make sure your ID card printer can print onto cards this size.
Standard ID Card Size DimensionsCard Thicknesses

ID card thickness is measured in “mils.” Although it is not a metric measurement, the term “mil” is equal to 0.001 inches. For example:

  • 10 mil = 1/100 of an inch
  • 20 mil = 2/100 of an inch
  • 30 mil = 3/100 of an inch
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