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Tactile Impression: Strengthen Your ID Card Security

Now more than ever, ID card security options are expanding and evolving. With security concerns about card duplication, tampering, and counterfeiting – coupled with the increasing complexity of fraudulent or nefarious activities – organizations are taking more concerted efforts to protect and ensure the safety of their employees and their company assets.Card Produced with Datacard's Tactile Impression Feature

One of the latest game changers is Datacard's innovative new tactile impression feature, designed for the SD460 dual-sided ID card printer. Ideal for virtually any ID card program, the Datacard tactile impressor feature provides added security at a budget-conscious, affordable price. This one-of-a-kind advanced security enhancement is available in the form of a mechanical die within the laminator unit and offers users more than a simple optical pattern. The die can be installed on one of three possible "tracks" that are located in different locations on the ID card. It's critical that the correct track be selected to avoid accidentally impressing over sensitive card components like magnetic stripes or smart card chips and antennas. The mechanical dies are available in a variety of generic designs, including:

  • Education
  • Medical
  • Globe
  • Security
  • Bank

To further the level of security, organizations can opt to have a custom die designed and created for them which is completely unique. In addition to visual security, a customized die can also serve as a distinctive method of showcasing and promoting a company's brand within the marketplace. Custom die examples range from a company logo or brandmark to a state seal to a university crest and more.

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