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How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

Learn how Hallandale High School in Florida partnered with ID Wholesaler to enforce stronger security protocols for students and staff.

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Three Ways to Customize a Badge Reel

Three Ways to Customize a Badge Reel

Learn about the 3 different ways to customize retractable badge reels — not only to secure your ID cards but also promote your logo or brand!

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SlimReels System Lanyard & Badge Reel Combos

SlimReels(TM) Lanyard Badge Reel Combos

The SlimReel™ System lanyard with badge reel attachment combines a high-quality lanyard and the convenience of a badge reel together into a single visual ID solution.

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ID Card Security Checklist

How to Make ID Cards More Secure

If your ID card program needs to be more secure, our ID Professionals have a variety of ways you can make this happen!

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School Safety Cards

Six Steps to Increase School Security with Visual Identification

Learn how you can increase your school’s level of security by enhancing your ID badging program.

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Heavy-duty Badge Reels

Heavy-duty Badge Reels for Rugged Environments

Does your job demand a badge reel that’s built to last in a rugged environment? Our heavy-duty ID badge reels are just what you need!

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Smart Card ID Holders

How to Wear Smart Cards without Slot Punching

These two ID holders will keep your smart card protected, secure, and properly displayed!

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Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels

Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels: Low-cost, High-impact Marketing

Promote your organization’s brand easily and affordably with cost-effective custom lanyards and badge reels!

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Slot Punches

When Should You Slot Punch Your ID Cards?

Find out why you should wait to slot punch your ID cards until they’ve been printed.

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Retractable Badge Reel

Using Retractable Badge Reels for Access Control

Need a reliable solution to keep your prox card more secure while it easily displays your credentials? Try our retractable badge reels!

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