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5 Ways to Increase the Life of an ID Card

Here are five different ways for you to help extend the life of your ID badges!

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Composite PVC-PET ID Cards

How to Prevent ID Cards from Bending

Our ID Professionals provide a detailed explanation of how to prevent ID cards from bending.

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5 Ways to Make School ID Badges Last Longer

Increase your school ID badge use and longevity with 1 of these 5 excellent options.

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How to Choose the Right ID Cards

How to Choose the Right ID Card for Your Business

Let an ID Professional explain how to choose the ID card that will work best for your organization.

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Laminated ID Card

Extend the Life of Your ID Cards with Lamination

Retransfer printers with lamination are ideal for creating vibrantly rich, detailed ID cards and so much more!

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Information on thickness of an ID Card

What is the Thickness of an ID Card?

Learn about the most common ID card thicknesses available as well as the uses for each card size.

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Composite ID Cards

Composite ID Cards: An Ideal Choice for Demanding, High-Use Applications

If you plan on laminating your ID cards or using a retransfer ID card printer, composite PVC-PET cards are the optimal choice for durability and longevity.

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Composite PVC/PET Cards

What are the Benefits of Composite PVC PET Cards?

Depending how your ID cards will be used, you may want to consider composite PVC/PET cards rather than the standard PVC.

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Information on what is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House

What is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House?

Interested in printing your own ID cards? Find out what you’ll need from ID Wholesaler. Have questions? Ask our ID Professionals!

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Composite Cards for Retransfer and Laminating Printers

Use Composite Cards with Retransfer & Laminating Printers

Learn why it’s best to use composite ID cards with your laminating or retransfer ID card printer.

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