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Custom Lanyards

3 Printing Options for Customized Lanyards

Before ordering custom lanyards, you need to decide how your design is applied: silk screen printing, dye sublimation process, or woven customization.

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Custom Badge Reels

Custom Badge Reels Offer Increased Security

For a cost-effective, convenient tool to promote your brand and offer an extra layer of visual security for ID cards, try custom badge reels!

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Shop Lanyards

How to Choose an ID Lanyard

From securely carrying company ID credentials to helping create awareness or providing identification at social gatherings, we offer a wide variety of lanyards to fit virtually any need!

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Lanyards from ID Wholesaler

Fabric Options for Lanyards

Our lanyards feature a wide variety of fabric options…which one is right for you?

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Custom Lanyards & Badge Reels

How to Build Brand Recognition with ID Cards

Adding an organization’s logo and colors to an ID card program can be an inexpensive and valuable way to increase brand awareness and recognition.

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ID Badge Accessories

Questions to Ask Before Buying Photo ID Badge Accessories

Shopping for ID badge accessories? By asking these four simple questions, you can find be sure to choose the right accessory for your needs.

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Custom Holograms

Custom Holographic Laminates: Are There Options?

The good news is yes! There are options that are not only affordable but easy to implement.

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Badge Accessories

How to Choose the Right Badge Accessories

Learn about the many considerations to make when choosing the right badge accessory for your needs.

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Custom Badge Reels

Options for Custom ID Retractable Badge Reels

Learn how to tailor your custom retractable ID badge reels with a variety of clothing and badge attachment options.

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Information on Carabiner Badge Reel ID Holders

Carabiner Badge Reel ID Holders: Just Right!

Carabiner badge reels offer sturdy ID card attachment minus the extra weight of a heavy-duty badge reel for total convenience.

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