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How to Add Custom Holograms to ID Cards

How Do I Add Custom Holograms to My ID Cards?

Learn how adding holograms to your ID cards can elevate the security level of your credential program as well as deter counterfeiting.

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Custom Lanyards

Which Width is Best for Custom Lanyards?

If you want to customize your lanyards to reflect your organization’s brand and aren’t sure which width is the best option, ID Wholesaler can help!

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Custom Accessories

What's the Lead Time for Custom Lanyards & Badge Reels?

Learn more about how to order high-quality custom lanyards and badge reels and how long the process generally takes.

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Custom Badge Reels

How to Customize a Badge Reel

An ID Professional walks you through the process!

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How to Choose a Lanyard

5 Tips on How to Choose an ID Badge Lanyard

Not sure which lanyard is right for your needs? We can help with that!

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