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5 Ways to Make School ID Badges Last Longer

Increase your school ID badge use and longevity with 1 of these 5 excellent options.

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School Safety Cards

Anatomy of a School Safety Card

Learn more about School Safety Cards, designed exclusively for ID Wholesaler.

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ID Card Security Checklist

How to Make ID Cards More Secure

If your ID card program needs to be more secure, our ID Professionals have a variety of ways you can make this happen!

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Badge Policy Booklet

How to Implement an Employee ID Badge Policy

Here are the questions to ask if you’re starting a new badge policy at your organization.

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How to Fix a Broken ID Card

Prevent Broken ID Cards with These 4 Quick Fixes

If your ID cards are breaking near the slot punch hole and the edge of the card, here are a few helpful fixes to prevent this in the future.

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ID Card Badge Accessories

Which Badge Accessories Should I Use with My ID Card?

The badge accessories you choose will have a huge impact on your ID badge program. Read this before you shop!

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Badge Accessories

How to Choose the Right Badge Accessories

Learn about the many considerations to make when choosing the right badge accessory for your needs.

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Badge Holders

Difference Between Proximity Card & Flexible Badge Holders

An ID Professional explains the differences between proximity card holders and flexible badge holders as well as their features and benefits.

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Proximity Card

How to Extend The Life of a Proximity Card

By following these simple tips, you can help prolong the life of the prox cards at your organization.

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Badge Buddies

Easily Identify Healthcare Workers with a Badge Buddy

Find out how Badge Buddies can provide your healthcare team with a safe, easy, and affordable way to visually identify roles within your facility.

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