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2024 Badging Trends Survey Featured Image

2024 ID Badge Trend Report & Popular Badge Card Applications

The 2024 edition of the ID Wholesaler ID Badge Trend Report shows continued growth of ID badging programs. In the modern workplace environment, the role of photo ID badges has transcended mere identification; it now stands as a foundational element within comprehensive security frameworks.

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ID Cards on Demand – We can print your badges for you!

Printing your own badges isn’t for every organization. ID Wholesaler now offers ID Cards on Demand – a badge printing service with flexible options.

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School Safety Cards

Anatomy of a School Safety Card

Learn more about School Safety Cards, designed exclusively for ID Wholesaler.

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ID Card Security Checklist

How to Make ID Cards More Secure

If your ID card program needs to be more secure, our ID Professionals have a variety of ways you can make this happen!

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ID Cards for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Secure ID Cards for the Healthcare Industry

Making your photo ID cards more secure is easier than you might think.

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Badge Policy Booklet

How to Implement an Employee ID Badge Policy

Here are the questions to ask if you’re starting a new badge policy at your organization.

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CloudBadging ID Card Software

What is Cloud-based ID Software?

If you’ve purchased CloudBadging, find out how easy it is to start making ID badges!

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Swiftcolor SCC4000D Inkjet ID Card Printer

Introducing the Swiftcolor SCC4000D Oversized Inkjet Printer

Learn how you can create full-color, larger-sized ID badges for your events with the Swiftcolor SCC4000D Inkjet ID Card Printer.

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IDP Smart-70 ID Card Printer

Your ID Badge Printer Arrived. Now What?

An ID Professional explains what to expect when you’re expecting…your new ID card printer!

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CardExchange Visitor Management Software

Download a Free Trial of CardExchange Visitor Software

Test drive the features and tools of CardExchange Visitor Management Software with a FREE 30-day trial. Download your trial software today.

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