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Custom Lanyards

Which Width is Best for Custom Lanyards?

If you want to customize your lanyards to reflect your organization’s brand and aren’t sure which width is the best option, ID Wholesaler can help!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion

Shop Breast Cancer Awareness Badge Accessories

Choose from a variety of pink lanyards and badge reels to support Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the year.

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Anti-Bullying Lanyards

Create Awareness in Your School with Anti-Bullying Lanyards

What can your school do to create awareness and help prevent bullying? Here’s a great idea!

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Custom Accessories

What's the Lead Time for Custom Lanyards & Badge Reels?

Learn more about how to order high-quality custom lanyards and badge reels and how long the process generally takes.

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Reflective Lanyards

Reflecting on Safety with Reflective Lanyards

Promote safety in your organization during National Safety Month and throughout the year.

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Lanyard Attachments

Which Lanyard Attachments are Most Common?

There are lots of attachment options available; which styles are most popular?

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Adjustable Lanyard

The Optimal Lanyards for Anyone, Any Time, Anywhere!

These quality lanyards “adjust” for any activity, event, or environment!

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Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards: The Perfect ID Card Companion

Looking for an affordable and easy way to display your ID cards?

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Breakaway type lanyards

Make Safety Simple with Breakaway Lanyards

Don’t forget this important option when considering your next lanyard order!

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Learn about Breakaway Lanyards

Safety First: Consider Breakaway Lanyards

Learn more about the breakaway lanyard for use in a variety of applications.

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