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Visual ID Card Security

Visual Card Security

With the increased sophistication of counterfeiters, the need for stronger ID card security and fraud protection has never been greater.

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ID Card Printers & Systems

How to Choose an ID Card Printer

Ask yourself these questions before investing in an ID card printer.

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Information on Magnetic Stripe Cards

What is a Magnetic Stripe Card?

An ID Professional explains the benefits of these types of ID cards, what they’re used for, and more.

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How to Choose the Right ID Cards

How to Choose the Right ID Card for Your Business

Let an ID Professional explain how to choose the ID card that will work best for your organization.

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School ID Badges

Using ID Software to Improve School Security

By using ID software when you create your school ID cards, you can increase student and faculty security.

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Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Magicard Pronto: A Low-Volume, High Value ID Card Printer

The easy-to-use Magicard Pronto ID Printer is an affordable solution for lower-volume printing applications.

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ID Cards for Law Enforcement & Government

Why ID Cards are Critical for Emergency Responders

Find out how ID badges can play a critical role in emergency management.

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Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Magicard's Pronto Printer: Simplified Card Printing & More!

Magicard’s Pronto ID card printer offers single card feed with a compact size with extensive printing capabilities, including magnetic stripe encoding.

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Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

What is a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader?

Learn more about what a magnetic stripe reader is and how it processes the information on a magstripe card.

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Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer

Field Upgrades for Your ID Card Printer

Learn more about the printer brands that offer convenient field upgrades!

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