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Information on what is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House

What is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House?

Interested in printing your own ID cards? Find out what you’ll need from ID Wholesaler. Have questions? Ask our ID Professionals!

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Barcodes vs. Magnetic Stripes

Barcodes vs Magnetic Stripes

You may be wondering: should I use barcodes or magnetic stripes to access cardholder data? We’re here to help you compare barcodes vs magnetic stripes to help determine which is best for you! Barcodes: Lowest cost way to access cardholder data Require no additional equipment Do not store data themselves, instead, a barcode reader is […]

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Hi-Coercivity vs. Low-Coercivity ID Cards

Mag Stripe Cards: High-Coercivity vs. Low-Coercivity

When it comes to magnetic stripe cards, you have two choices: high coercivity and low coercivity. Learn more about the differences and which is best.

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Magnetic Stripes and Barcodes

Benefits of Adding a Magnetic Stripe to ID Cards

Learn about the benefits of using magnetic stripe cards for your ID cards, gift cards, membership cards, and more.

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High-Coercivity vs. Low-Coercivity Magnetic Stripe Cards

Learn the differences between high-coercivity vs. low-coercivity magnetic stripe ID cards and which type to use for various applications.

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EDIsecure XID 9300 ID Card Printer

Benefits of EDIsecure's XID 9300 and XID 9330 Card Printers

Learn more about the EDIsecure XID 9300 and XID 9330 ID card printers, two full-feature retransfer card printers with a variety of configuration options.

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