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Signature on ID Cards

How to Add a Signature to ID Cards

If you want to add signatures to your ID cards, there are three different ways this can be done.

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Electronic Signature Capture Pads

How are Electronic Signature Capture Pads Used?

Learn how a variety of industries use signature capture pads to save both time and money.

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Signature Panel ID Card

How to Increase Your ID Card Security

Find out about three different ways you can add a signature to your ID cards and make them more secure.

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Signature Capture Pads

How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature Pad

An ID Professional poses the questions you need to ask when choosing the best electronic signature pad for your business needs or application.

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Signature Capture Pad

What are the Benefits of Signature Capture Pads?

Learn how this data capture device can help increase the security of an ID card program.

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Learn more About Data Capture

Data Capture: Signature Capture, Fingerprint Scanners & More!

Shopping for a data capture device (signature capture pad, barcode or fingerprint scanner, magnetic stripe or prox card reader)? We can help!

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Signature on ID Card

Using Signatures to Increase Your ID Card Security

Find out how an electronic signature on your ID cards can add another layer of security.

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Information on Equipment & Supplies is needed to create an Advanced ID Badge

What Equipment & Supplies Do I Need to Make an Advanced ID Badge?

Learn what you’ll need to print badges that serve more than one purpose and download a free PDF guide.

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Signature Capture Pad

Topaz Electronic Signature Panels Compatible With Windows 7

Learn more about Windows compatibility with Topaz signature capture pads.

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