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Smart Card Reader

Definition of a Smart Card Reader

Learn how smart card readers work and the types of readers that are available.

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How ID Cards Protect Businesses

Top 3 Ways ID Cards Help Protect Your Business

ID cards are an integral part of a company’s security. Read about the top 3 ways organizations can add security to their ID cards.

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Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer

Field Upgrades for Your ID Card Printer

Learn more about the printer brands that offer convenient field upgrades!

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Proximity Cards

What are Proximity Cards Used For?

For applications that require fast processing speeds, such as access control, security, identification, and other programs, proximity cards are an optimal choice.

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Slot Punch

Tips for Choosing an Slot Punch for ID Cards

Planning on using a slot punch with your ID card program? It’s important that you understand how they’re used, so be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind!

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Proximity Card

Understanding the 26-Bit Proximity Card Format

Learn more about the 26-bit proximity card format to determine whether or not it’s the right choice for your ID card program.

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Magnetic Stripe & Proximity Cards

What's the Difference Between Magnetic Stripe & Prox Cards?

An ID Professional explains how magnetic stripe and prox cards work and how to determine which card is right for your organization’s needs.

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Proximity & Smart Cards

What's the Difference Between a Prox Card & a Smart Card?

An ID Professional explains the primary differences between the two types of technology cards.

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What are the Benefits of iClass Smart Cards?

If your organization needs a higher level of visual security with the added safety of access control, HID iClass cards are the versatile card choice.

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Access Control

How Do I Program My Door Access Cards?

An ID Professional explains the process of getting your proximity cards programmed.

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