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Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

What’s the Difference Between Direct-to-Card & Retransfer Printers?

What are the differences between direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers? Find out now!

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ID Card Printer Videos

Learn About ID Card Printers in Our Video Series

Watch our ID Card Printer Videos to learn about ID card printing, how to select the right printer, how to make ID cards, and more!

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CredentialCam Pro Camera

Looking for a Great Digital ID Camera?

If you’re taking employee photos for your company’s ID cards, it’s critical that the photo ID camera you choose is up to this important task!

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ID Card Printers

The Best ID Card Printer

What’s the best ID card printer? The short answer: there isn’t a “best” printer. Sorry! Find out how to find the best printer for your specific needs.

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What is an ID Card Printer

What is an ID Card Printer?

ID Card Printers are About the Same Size as a Regular Desktop Office or Inkjet Printer. However, the Technology Inside the Printers is Much Different.

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Lamination and ID Card Printers

Video: Why Would I Need to Laminate ID Cards?

You might wonder why you’d need to laminate ID cards. After all, ID cards are made of PVC plastic. That’s durable, right? Yes, but depending on how and where you will use the cards, the images printed on the cards may require additional protection. In short, lamination helps printed cards last longer and reduces costs […]

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