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Taking Great ID Badge Photos

How to take great ID badge photos

For many companies, the primary purpose of an ID badge is identification; a clear, easy-to-verify photo on your ID badges is key to your company’s security. It’s important to make sure that the quality of your ID badge photo is the very best it can be. When designing and planning your ID badge program, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your cardholders’ photos will be easy to authenticate.

Camera Quality
Today’s ID card printers are capable of printing crisp, high-quality images. Take advantage of this technology by using an equally high-quality camera to take your ID photos. Webcams may be inexpensive and conveniently sized, but they typically do not have a high image quality.

Photo Backdrop
Consider the color and style of the background of your photos. White backdrops help the image pop and keep the overall look of the card clean. Colored backdrops may be a way for you to visually classify groups of people, by department or security access for example.

Set up the camera in a private area with good lighting, preferably natural sunlight. If possible, avoid fluorescent lighting as it can wash people out and result in photos with a bluish tint.

Photo Size
Larger photos typically print in higher quality and are easier to verify. When designing your ID badges, play with both a horizontal and vertical format to see if one orientation allows you to use a larger image along with the other information that will be placed on the card.

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