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The Benefits of Expiring Visitor Badges

Imagine: you’re sitting at your desk, enjoying your lunch, or heading to the water cooler. You look up and notice someone you’ve never seen before. You think to yourself, “Who is that person, and should they be here?” Most of us can relate to this scenario.

People are constantly connected. We can text, snap, tweet, or call the person we intend to meet right from our phones. Bypassing the reception desk is easy to do…but should it be that easy?

Let’s look at some statistics. Most everywhere in the country, we regularly experience visitors, vendors, contractors, or reps wandering through our office building or facilities.

Nowhere is this more apparent than healthcare. In a recently published OSHA report, 6.8 work-related injuries out of every 100 employees is as a direct result of patient and visitor violence. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also says workplace violence is on the rise, especially in the healthcare market – surprisingly up to 13% from just a few years ago. OSHA estimates that for every $1 spent in safety measures and precautions, management will save $4 in fines, claims, and time. That’s just one segment of one industry!

Expiring Visitor Badges

In this day and age, visitor management is more important than ever, and there are no shortage of solutions. A smart and budget-conscious way to help maintain an effective visitor management program is to limit guests from simply reusing an old badge is to use expiring badges (also referred to as "temporary badges" or "temp badges"). Visitor ID badges that expire will turn red after a half day, one day, or one week – whichever expiring badge frequency suits yours needs the best.

Expiring visitor badges can easily be printed or manually written out by hand. In addition, most include options like log books or one-step solutions that make it as simple and convenient as possible.

If you haven’t thought about what your visitors are doing or why they are in your building, you may want to review the options you have with an ID Professional. We can guide you in the right direction so you can make an informed decision on the safety and security of your building.

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