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How to Choose the Best Photo ID Camera

Choosing the Right Photo ID Camera for Your NeedsHow to Choose the Best Photo ID Camera

Cameras can be just as important as ID printers in creating quality photo identification. While evaluating your organization’s needs, consider the following:

Image Quality
Which type of ID card printer do you have? High-definition printers like the Fargo HDP5000 or the Evolis Avansia  can print a better image than what a standard web camera can take.  VALCam cameras offer superior image quality.

If you chose your printer because you wanted the highest image quality for your ID cards, make sure you’re getting the best output.

When selecting a camera, you have to determine whether you’ll be taking ID photos at a permanent location or if you need to go to multiple locations to take the pictures. If you are using a web cameras, it needs to be connected to a computer; this can be a major limitation if people cannot come to you.

If you need to be mobile, the Canon Rebel T6 is your best choice. This high-quality camera is ideal for beginners or those new to digital SLR photography who want to capture crisp, professional-looking pictures.

If your lighting source is less than optimal, you may need a camera with a flash like the Credential Cam
Pro. This camera is compact, offers high-resolution images, and has a synchronized USB-powered LED flash.

Without a flash, you can create major shadowing and drastically lower the definition (and ultimately the quality) of the image.

Don’t forget about a photo backdrop and tripod to create a consistent and formal look in all of your photo IDs. A backdrop creates depth of field which lends to professional-looking employee photos.

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