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The Zebra ZC10L Large-format Printer is Here!

Designed to align with the distinct needs of hospitality and event organizations, the Zebra ZC10L-00QT0US00 large-format ID card printer is the ideal oversized printer for printing edge-to-edge ID cards in a single printing pass through.
Zebra ZC10L Large Format ID Card Printer

Reduce waste & hassle
An industry-exclusive direct-to-card printer for event sized badges, the ZC10L printer reduces waste and saves your business money at the same time. Get customized and professional-grade badges whenever and wherever you need them.

With this event-sized ID card printer, you'll eliminate having to purchase partially pre-printed card  inventory and the resources for managing card inventory.

Combining the many solid features of this event-size badge printer, you can more proactively manage your ID card program while reinforcing your organization's branding.

Transform guest experiences
The Zebra ZC10L oversized badge printer is actually a modified photo printer, providing rich, 300-dpi resolution for outstanding quality on background graphics or images. Pair the Zebra ZC10L printer with the card design software of your choice to create exceptionally beautiful cards with well-defined barcodes and text.

This versatile card printer prints on cards approximately 5.5 x 3.46" (140 mm x 88 mm) in size.  When using the larger plastic card format, event staff can immediately heighten security. Easier than standard credit-card sized ID badges to see and read from a far distance, the large-format badges and venue passes provide the event staff with the ability to instantly identify guests and determine access permission.

Take your printing with you
As a direct-to-card printer, the ZC10L is more portable and easier to relocate than an inkjet printer. To take the ZC10L large format printer with you, just unplug the printer and move it or take it with you.  This rugged ID badge machine was manufactured with all-metal construction for lasting use and durability. Best of all, the Zebra ZC10L-00QT0US00 large-format ID card printer poses no risk of fire hazzards, leaking ink or electrical shock.

For more information on how the ZC10L large format ID card printer can improve your event, call a knowledgeable ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help!

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