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Topaz Electronic Signature Panels Compatible With Windows 7

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Topaz Systems has a line of signature pads and software that is is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. This announcement underscores the value of Topaz signature panels which boasts low support costs and long lifespans due to their sophisticated and intuitive design and technology.

If you own a Topaz signature panel pad and are planning to use Microsoft Windows 7, you'll be able to instantly use your signature panel with the new Windows Operating System without updating or modifying your software or hardware.

The selection of Topaz signature panel pads that are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 include:

  • SignatureGem 1x5 and SignatureGem 4x5
  • SigLite 1x5
  • SigGem LCD1x5, SigGem LCD4x3, and SigGem LCD4x5
  • SigLite LCD1x5 and SigLite LCD 4x3
  • KioskGem
  • IDGem

Check out ID Wholesaler's selection of Topaz signature panels if you're interested in purchasing an electronic signature panel pad that will work with Microsoft Windows 7.

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