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Easy-to-Upgrade ID Card Printers

If your card printing needs may change in the future, you'll want to look for an ID card printer that is field-upgradeable. Fargo  and Magicard are known for offering easy-to-install printer upgrades. Check out a few upgradeable printer features below and see how easy it can be! The Fargo DTC4500e offers a number of upgradeable features, including:
  • duplex (two-sided) printing
  • technology card encoding
  • locking hoppers
The Fargo DTC4500 offers the same upgrade options, plus field-upgradeable lamination. To upgrade the DTC4000 or DTC4500, simply order and install the upgrade module(s). (Exception: A lamination upgrade will need to be installed by an ID Wholesaler Technician.) The Magicard Enduro and Rio Pro can be upgraded to duplex printing without the need for any additional hardware or tools. The duplex upgrade kit is really just a special roll of duplex YMCKOK film that simply needs to be dropped in to upgrade to duplex printing on the spot. If you need assistance ordering an upgrade, give our ID Professionals a call at (800) 321-4405 x3. If you need help installing an upgrade, call our Tech Support team at (800) 321-4405 x5.
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