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How to Increase Your ID Card Security

If you’re looking to increase the security of your card issuance program, have you considered adding the bearer’s signature to their ID card?ID Cards

There are actually many applications that require a signature on an ID card:

  • driver’s licenses
  • passport cards
  • credit cards
  • membership cards
  • certifications
  • gun permits

When it comes to putting a signature onto your card, there are several ways that you can accomplish this. One option is to use a PVC Card that has a “built-in” signature panel on it.

ID cards with a signature panel will allow the cardholder to sign their name on the card without the ink smudging or smearing. When implementing these types of cards into your ID card program, I strongly recommend that you use a reverse transfer printer (also called a “retransfer” printer) that’s equipped with a YMCKI ribbon.

The YMCKI ribbon contains a special inhibitor panel (also called the “I” panel) that prevents the retransfer film from adhering to the signature panel. This enables the signature to be added after the ID card has been created.

Another way to add a signature is to digitally capture the cardholder’s signature. This allows signatures to be added your IDs without having to change the type of plastic card you are using to print IDs. You will need to use a signature capture device that will capture the cardholder’s signature and import the image into the card template within the ID card software application.

Some signature capture pads come with a back-lit LCD display so users can see “electronic ink” as they sign. Others include a fingerprint capture sensor on the unit for extra security. Be sure to confirm that your ID software has the capability to incorporate the signature.

The third way you can add a signature to your IDs is to simply print the signature panel directly onto your cards by using the Evolis R2030 Signature Panel Ribbon. This ribbon was designed specifically for applications that a cardholder’s signature is required for security and authentication purposes.

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