Visitor Badges

Starting a Visitor ID Card Program

This generation's available technology is amazing when compared to visitor management systems of the past, which typically consisted of a log book and a generic paper visitor badge with a handwritten name on it.

With all of the advances in technology, it's only natural that new problems would arise. In today’s fast-paced world, workplace security is a top priority.  But sometimes keeping track of all the visitors to your location can be challenging. With the options available today, how do you go about deciding which type of visitor badges or visitor management system software is the right choice for your organization?

When in doubt, you can always ask ID Wholesaler! We specialize in visitor management systems and can create a custom solution for your facility based on your organization's unique requirements.

These questions can help us determine your specific needs/requirements:

  1. Do you have a single visitor check-in spot or will you have multiple facilities/areas?
  2. Would you like to issue a paper badge or plastic badge?
  3. Would you like your badges to have a self-expiration feature to avoid unauthorized use?
  4. Would you like to add a barcode or use magnetic stripes for easy check-in and check-out?

I frequently recommend that my customers check out Jolly Visitor Software. With a full suite of features combined with fast, easy upgrades, Jolly provides a great value at a budget-conscious price.

Added Security
With Jolly on board at your facility, you can have extra peace of mind knowing who is at your location. You can also track what time they checked in and left the premises, who they were visiting, and much more.

Not only will you be able to track visitors who are already in, you can also use the Watch List feature. When a visitor checks in, they will be automatically checked against watch lists. This provides invaluable details about visitors; for example, whether they are a former disgruntled ex-employee or a registered sex offender. But what about security?

Streamline Visitor Registration
Depending on the volume of visitors your building or facility receives each day, the check-in process can be quite time-consuming. With a Jolly Visitor Tracking System, you can streamline the whole process with a variety of different add-ons.

With a driver’s license or passport scanner, you can easily retrieve any pertinent information you need to collect (e.g., first name and last name, date of birth, photo, etc.) This will not only save you time, but it will also help you more accurately collect the necessary information.

If you’re using a visitor management system for time and attendance, you can also use a barcode scanner or magnetic stripe reader to conveniently retrieve cardholder information.

If you don’t have an employee that is available to check people in during the day, you can speed things up with the unattended registration kiosk. This allows visitors to perform the check-in process themselves with intuitive, step-by-step instructions.

Design & Print Cards
Not only will visitor management software help you track and register visitors, but you can also issue ID cards at the same time as registration, further streamlining the registration process. All you need is your ID card printer hooked up to your computer with the software, and you can start printing right there.

In addition to designing simple photo ID cards, this software allows for enhanced security such as 1D or 2D barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding, or even smart card writing.

The flexibility of today’s visitor management software and systems allow you to quickly enforce a wide range of rules regarding visitor traffic with minimal investment on your part.  Add a training session to save you even more time!

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